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We help with transformative transactions, creating and extracting value

You're the head of a company. It's growing quickly and operating internationally. You're on one of the most challenging, nerve-wracking roller-coasters ever invented...

We don’t just do deals. We’re here to guide you over the entire journey

Think of us as your outsourced Corporate Development department. We advise CEOs, boards and investors on developing the strategy, then identifying, structuring and carrying out transactions…

Our clients consistently come back for more

Unlike transaction-focused M&A advisors, we build long-term relationships with our clients, spanning many milestones and transactions. Our relationships and transactions remain completely confidential...


Where next?

Our focus is to identify and build bespoke solutions to turn our customer’s vision into a financial reality.

Bespoke advice when business owners and leaders most need it.


Transformative financial transactions, such as the sale of the business, bringing in a new investor or merging with another company, don’t happen very often. We're here to help when it matters.


Who we are

We’re Little Venice Partners and we help CEOs and owners build the right corporate development solutions. Founded by an investor and an entrepreneur, we work closely with you to navigate through to a successful transaction. We’ve experience with Private Equity and Venture Capital; with leveraged buyouts and debt finance, over many decades of transaction experience in different countries and sectors. We're regulated by the FCA.

How we work

A project team consists of an LVP partner and one or more staff who are experts in financial modelling, due diligence, project management and investor acquisition.              

Who you are

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and company leaders, you’re probably more comfortable with your customers and your products than you are with big financial decisions. The ones that may determine your company’s or project’s ultimate success and your financial future. 

Where we work

Much of our work is cross-border, and we’re used to working alongside tax, legal and accounting advisors from different legal systems and cultures. We’re based in London, with extensive connections into the investor and advisor communities, and we’re happy to work wherever our clients need us.                                   

Think of us as your outsourced Corporate Development department.

We work for CEOs, boards and investors to identify, structure and carry out transformative financial transactions, advising how to:

  • Source specialist (including project) finance
  • Acquire or merge with other companies
  • Dispose of part of the business
  • Bring in, change or exit investors
  • Design a successful exit for yourself, including carve-outs and other incentives

  • Develop public private partnership projects, working with diverse stakeholders to reach innovative solutions to infrastructure needs
  • Carry out Management Buy Out / Buy In, pre-packaged administration, recaps & restarts
  • Convert debt into equity and vice versa

For us, quality advice comes first


M&A advisors and investment banks help sell businesses, mainly to larger companies. We are a corporate finance advisory firm: we help you first decide what to do, plan it carefully for the best outcome, and we then see it through to completion to your satisfaction.


We organise projects into four phases:

1) Problem Definition

At LVP we don't craft a solution until we understand fully what your challenges are. We take the time necessary to get to know you and your business, so we can ensure we are creating tailored and fitting solutions for you. 

2) Planning

This stage can last weeks, months or even years, but arguably it’s the most important.
It’s when the objectives are agreed, the strategy set and the plan prepared. It’s also when alternatives are considered and the interests of all stakeholders taken into account. Sometimes, after considering all the alternatives, the best approach is to do nothing and we collectively need to have the courage to agree this could be an acceptable outcome. For example, if a capital raise can be postponed or even done without, long-term shareholders returns may be enhanced


3) Marketing

Once the strategy is set, we identify and approach potential investors, credit line providers and strategic partners to gauge their interest. We coordinate the flow of information, follow-up meetings and interaction. Working closely with you and your legal advisors, we help negotiate term sheets or Letters of intent so that you can decide who to move forward with. This phase typically lasts 2-3 months, although we have seen it done more quickly. 

4) Transaction

Once a candidate partner has been selected, we remain closely involved in the transaction through to completion. This stage is often neglected and left to company executives, but the management of data request in due diligence and the robust negotiation of net working capital, warranties, indemnities, escrow, deferred consideration and earn-out provisions can make a dramatic difference to your returns.



Antonie Paul Woodbury
+44 7801 750186


Equity investment, leveraged buyouts, debt and project finance; value creation and capital raising strategies; transaction negotiations.


David Frodsham
+44 7785 234352


Equity investment, cap table restructuring, working capital optimization, corporate growth strategies, financial strategy and messaging.


Robert Frodsham
+44 7841 161273


Dr Dominic Botten
+44 7975 909110


Andre Karihaloo


Business Partners

Our global partners can assist when your needs require local attention and knowledge:


Howard Weiss
Pacific Teck Advisors
Asia Pacific markets


Walter Moldan
CMM Capital Management Moldan
Germany, Austria, Switzerland




Monica MacKinnon
Private equity, innovative capital structures and M&A

Heinrich Liechtenstein
Venture capital, Family Offices and Balance Sheets


Tim Stone CBE
Infrastructure finance, including PPP/PFI projects

Our experience

Our focus on advice and hands-on execution bring us transactions that often have a more complex dimension around raising capital or selling a business. Here are some examples.

  • There’s a single buyer for the business, or an unsolicited offer
  • The transaction is not a straight sale, but a merger, partial buyout or restructuring of the ownership
  • It is not clear, or there is not agreement, what the corporate development strategy is or should be
  • The internal team needs to be supported to ensure a corporate development project runs smoothly

Client testimonials


Client satisfaction and value maximisation are our key objectives. We often advise clients to wait for the right time or transaction, or to spend more time on preparation, to maximize the chances of a transaction being successful.

All our work is confidential and appropriate references are available, as our work is diverse in its nature, industry and geography. Typical size is in the £5-50m range, although some projects are quite a bit larger.

"LVP believed in my vision for building a global leader in the jewellery industry, and gave me invaluable advice and guidance. With their experience in valuation, and relationships with many investors, they prepared me for the process of finding the right investor, and helped me structure the best possible deal. I would readily use LVP again."
Priyaj Jain, Founder & Former CEO, Diamonds Factory

"We had an unsolicited offer for the business, which the shareholders decided to accept. LVP helped get a better price and terms, including equity in the acquiring portfolio company and credit for the surplus cash. The transaction was also very clean, with manageable warranties and all the consideration paid at closing"
Sean Barriball, Founder & CEO,  MobileIQ


"LVP were very responsive and flexible fulfilling a number of key roles as project advisors and deal financing arrangers in a complex offshore infrastructure project. We have also drawn on their expertise in business valuation and to provide us with an independent review of a 3rd party business plan. Good people to work with, expert, straight-talking and creative."
John Foster, CEO, Falkland Island Holdings  

“LVP helped us understand why the company was so capital intensive, working with us to optimize working capital, and postponing the need for further capital injections by the shareholders. They have also provided invaluable advice during various financing and refinancing rounds”

Timo Lindström, Founder & CEO, Confidex



LVP had a very different approach, they really got deeply involved in the project … they also gave a lot of human understanding, advice and guidance with the problems, obstacles and fears of the shareholders … LVP were ready to step in when the transaction got to more difficult phases and prevent any risk of it failing.
Katerina Janku, Chair, Moravia

"The £350m Circuit of Wales development will be the UK’s first purpose built automotive facility, focused on motorsport leisure and commerce, in a generation. LVP has played a key role in the immensely complicated financial and commercial package and making it work for all the various stakeholders"

Michael Carrick, Chief Executive, Heads of the Valleys

"LVP helped us merge with a competitor and later, how best to steer our way through an unsolicited offer for the business"
Bob Horner, CEO, CorLa