For us, quality advice comes first


M&A advisors and investment banks help sell businesses, mainly to larger companies. We are a corporate finance advisory firm: we help you first decide what to do, plan it carefully for the best outcome, and we then see it through to completion to your satisfaction.


We organise projects into four phases:

1) Problem Definition

At LVP we don't craft a solution until we understand fully what your challenges are. We take the time necessary to get to know you and your business, so we can ensure we are creating tailored and fitting solutions for you. 

2) Planning

This stage can last weeks, months or even years, but arguably it’s the most important.
It’s when the objectives are agreed, the strategy set and the plan prepared. It’s also when alternatives are considered and the interests of all stakeholders taken into account. Sometimes, after considering all the alternatives, the best approach is to do nothing and we collectively need to have the courage to agree this could be an acceptable outcome. For example, if a capital raise can be postponed or even done without, long-term shareholders returns may be enhanced


3) Marketing

Once the strategy is set, we identify and approach potential investors, credit line providers and strategic partners to gauge their interest. We coordinate the flow of information, follow-up meetings and interaction. Working closely with you and your legal advisors, we help negotiate term sheets or Letters of intent so that you can decide who to move forward with. This phase typically lasts 2-3 months, although we have seen it done more quickly. 

4) Transaction

Once a candidate partner has been selected, we remain closely involved in the transaction through to completion. This stage is often neglected and left to company executives, but the management of data request in due diligence and the robust negotiation of net working capital, warranties, indemnities, escrow, deferred consideration and earn-out provisions can make a dramatic difference to your returns.